Winter Mood Board: How I'm Wearing The Holidays

Hello Lovely,

Who's ready for winter? I'm very inspired by this cozy, curl up and sweet colour palette. This year I am inspired to intertwine holiday classics in what I wear along with what I eat. I was originally inspired by my tan trenchcoat that I got from my mum when she cleaned out her closet (which makes me feel like Olivia Pope), and from there my mind went wild with Christmas trends and blush tones! Some items in this set are secretly wish list items that didn't make the original post (told you we couldn't fit them all). Here's to wishing every month were December!

Items in this Set

I hope this post inspires you to set aside some time to create a mood board for your own workspace (physical or digital). I'll try to do one every season, but my attention span is so short, I may end up making one as often as every month. For my physical moodboard, I'll definitely try to personalise it a bit more, with some of my favourite photos and memories, especially when I'm counting down to being able to see boyfriend again.

What inspires you? Do you like to make moodboards? Do you prefer digital or physical ones? Are they more recreational or for work? Tell us about it in the comment section below.