Winter Skin Fixes

Hello Lovely,

When you feel the brisk air on your cheeks, and your skin starts to prickle, we all know that Winter has arrived.  As much as we’re ready to pull out those stylish thick jackets and toe socks, we must remember that there’s something just as important as warmth during this season; and its moisture!  Our skin is 64% water, so moisture is key to keeping it soft and smooth. Here are a few quick fixes:

Use oil-based moisturizers:  The oil in these products will create an extra layer of hydration and last longer on your skin.  You can also use pure oils such as coconut, olive or almond for a more natural effect.

Pay Special Attention to your feet: In the summer we love to show off those brightly colored toes, but your feet need love too in the winter.  Use petroleum jelly or products with glycerin for a more effective result

Polish up! Use body scrubs to remove dead skin periodically and allow your moisturizing products to penetrate deeper into your skin.  Dry brushing is also effective for your back area and can be done before showering.

Don’t forget those lips! Your lips have the thinnest skin and very prone to cracking and chapping in cold air.  To protect these and keep them smooth, use lip balms or chapstick with beeswax and petroleum.  These ingredients also help with healing and protecting.

You can also use a lip scrub for or a rub a damp toothbrush over your lips to help remove any flaking or peeling.  This is also a form of exfoliation.

Hand care is vital – Avoid alcohol based sanitizers or hand cleaners as it will assist in dehydrating your skin.  While washing your hands repeatedly is unavoidable, ensure that you have an enriched hand cream, body butter or lotion to re-hydrate your hands.  For a more at-home option, you can also use a honey hand mask.

Glow All Over: Thick areas of constant bending and stretching such as knees and elbows will become rough and dry in this weather.  Look for ingredients lice salicylic and lactic acid which hydrate and exfoliate



So enjoy the fun nights out, late Christmas Parties, New Year’s Celebrations and Fireworks, while rocking your smooth and glowing skin!

What are your favourite natural oils to use? Do you have a body scrub recipe? Which products would you recommend?