Hello Lovely,

If you were not at the Melia Resort on Saturday, what were you really doing with your life? Last weekend’s Zumba Fitness Party was THE BEST!!!!! I started doing Zumba with Vaness & Tiana of Dynamic Duo last December and it was honestly revolutionary. I look forward to weekends because their classes are better than any club you can go to. So when we all got together with other instructors it was the best workout I’ve ever had! I learned new routines, met new people and sweat my body weight in litres! It was two hours of shaking ma bumper; how could that not be fun?

Some of the songs are a little difficult to hear because of the proximity to the speaker so I’ve labelled them with which instructor led the routine. I hope you enjoy it!

Sammy and Dee have a class today and every Monday at Lifecycle Wellness at 7 PM for only $5. While the Dynamic Duo rotate Fridays and Saturdays. So October 12, we’re at Lifecycle Wellness at 8:30 AM, October 18, it’s Empire Fitness at 7 PM, October 26 at Lifecycle Wellness at 8:30 AM and it keeps rotating from there. Hope to see you out at a class! It’s about to be a #FitGirlFall!