How to Create a Travel Itinerary and Why It's Important

Hello Lovely,

There is something to be said for aimlessly roaming the streets of an energetic city popping into quaint cafes and talking to the locals, not knowing what you will find. When I went to Amsterdam, I only had two things on my list that I absolutely had to do: try the local “herbs” and go to the Red Light District. Sadly I never made it to the Red Light District. I planned the hotel with a shuttle to and from the airport and nothing else. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the adventures, street fries and stroopwaffles and I’m sure our drunk shennigans began to annoy one of the bartenders. We literally popped into random stores and restaurants and just wandered aimlessly. It was a miracle I remembered the way back. Ever since then, I try to have an itinerary.

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Here’s how I organise an itinerary:

Do Your Research

If you want to get the most out of your experience, you need to know what you want to do and what will make the ultimate travel venture for you. Are you fascinated by a town’s history, culture or food? Do you want your trip to just be about crazy adventures and a city’s vibrant nightlife? Answering these questions means that you need to do some research for the area you are visiting.

Prior to going to London, I looked up tours of all the must-see Landmarks and booked them (well most of them). Even though I had planned a lot, there were still a few hiccups along the way: immigration, currency, my bus pass…so while you always expect the unexpected, always have a backup plan as well.

Use Symbols and Addresses

What’s key to a successful itinerary is coding. I like to use company logos so that at a simple glance, I have an idea of where I wanted to go. Adding addresses makes it easier to remember where something is. Let’s say you want to go to a specific department store. By jotting down the location ahead of time, I was positive I was going to the right store when I plugged it into my GPS.

Download the map area in advance

If you’re travelling internationally, Google Maps has a handy feature that allows you to select a certain area on the map and download it to your phone. That way, whether you have data or not, you’ll have access to GPS. This helped me a lot when I lost my GPS. And if it’s a place you plan on visiting often, all you have to do is update the download periodically so that it doesn’t disappear.



Keep your Itinerary Offline

I really feel like I mastered the itinerary with my Girl’s Trip to Miami last October. It’s so important to keep a version of your itinerary on your phone offline. Papers can get left behind or lost and internet is so unreliable. Save the document in the cloud, and keep it available offline as well as downloading a copy of it to your phone. You can’t be too careful.

Leave Room for Opportunity & Be Realistic

There are always times while exploring a city that something incredible sidetracks you, and if you are scheduled with events back to back you may have to miss out. Of course you’re going to want to see and do everything on your trip, but also be realistic.

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Don’t Forget the Extras

Add your flight numbers, hotel addresses, maps, etc. to your itinerary file for easy access. All my itineraries include this information, plus the currency exchange rate (so I know how much 1 US dollar is worth in the country). It is much easier to look at one file then have to scroll through dozens of emails or check different apps to find what I am looking for.

2019 Travel Bucket List

Hello lovely,

Can you believe my European trip was already TWO YEARS AGO?! I can’t believe how much time has passed, but I’m glad it wasn’t the only adventure I’ve had so far. As you know, one of my favourite things to do is travel. Every year I try to decide early on, where I want to go that year. One of my newest friends, Lynn told me she has a carry on that's always packed and ready to go. I love that! I don't have kids or any major bills of my own right now, so my biggest priority has just been travelling. I value travelling more than anything because the world doesn't exist in a vacuum. There’s so much to learn and I'd rather learn about it first hand than through a book or the TV. I can only travel during school breaks, which means higher rates, unfortunately, so I have to be smart about it. When I pick a destination, there are a few things I look out for:

  • Picturesque beauty: I love places with beautiful buildings and landscapes. I live somewhere beautiful so it’s a must that my destination is also beautiful. I take a lot of photos while on vacation and tend to garner a lot of inspiration from my surroundings.

  • Rich history: I'm a story teller, so I’m a sucker for a country/city with a lot of history. Historical landmarks genuinely get me excited. Even if I cant understand a single word the cab driver says, I just love to soak it all in.

  • Affordable: I cannot vacation somewhere, where it takes practically a life’s savings (I do work in education) just to get there, leaving no money to actually do anything. That's berserk! I want an exotic place with a lot of fun things to do that won’t break the bank.

So where do I want to go this year? First up:


Bimini, Bahamas

Like I said, I live in a gorgeous country. Did you know that we are made up of over 700 islands and cays? We have a saying here that goes, “Before you see the world, check out your own back yard first”. And they’re right. I never want to be in a position where a foreigner can tell me more about my own country than I knew. I'm thinking of going next month for my best friend’s birthday. There's three of us in February so bring on the birthday celebrations!


Montreal, Canada

I have a best friend who lives in Montreal and I have been trying to visit her for about two years now, but there's just never a good time. Well this year, I'm not making any more excuses. She comes for a visit next month after my birthday, but at some point this year, I will travel to visit her. I’ve heard how beautiful the city is and how many festivals they have, so I can’t wait to see it for myself!


Eleuthera, The Bahamas

We were supposed to go to Eleuthera over the Christmas break because one of my cousins has a house down there, but another cousins plans took over. So we rescheduled for Mother’s Day. So far, this definitely is happening! I’ve been to Harbour Island before and my grandmother is originally from Eleuthera so I’m really excited about this trip!


Havana, Cuba

Need I say more? There's no way I’m doing Cuba by myself so this year, I’m going to need my friends to really step it up! How can you not want to go to Cuba? This history, the cars, the architecture, the food! I’m not expecting anything glamorous . I just want to soak it all in!



Everyone is recommending Santorini Greece as a spot for young adults. I’m not picky. I don’t care which part of Greece it is, it can be Mykonos, whatever! Just take my passport and put me in coach (you didn’t really think I could afford first class did you?) This would be the most expensive trip out of all the destinations on the list, so I don’t mind going by myself. However, a Mediterranean cruise sounds like the perfect way to explore the Greek islands! Even though it may not happen this year, I’m genuinely saving up for this trip!

What’s on your travel bucket list this year? Is there anywhere you’re saving up to go? Share your dream destination in the comment section below. If you don’t know where to begin with planning a trip financially, then check out this post on how I saved up for my Europe trip.

Getting Wet at 27 Charcos in The DR

Hello Lovely,

The last stop on my summer tour is The Dominican Republic. I was really excited about this one. And why shouldn't I be? The mountains, the culture, the coffee! Okay can I just go on record as saying that every time I travel to a foreign country, I must buy coffee. Especially if it's not a predominantly English speaking country. I absolutely hate American coffee (Dunkin Donuts being the only exception) and my favourite is Haitian coffee. Although I must admit, as I write this post, I'm enjoying the hazelnut New Orleans coffee my dad bought me. I prefer medium roast, tolerate light/blonde roasts and basically just NEVER bring me a dark roast.

Whoo! Sorry that was a long, random tangent about coffee. Back to what really matters. The DR! This was my favourite stop! In researching it, I saw that we were going to Amber Cove, which was described as a cay off the DR mainland, so I was a little bummed. But when we arrived and I saw that Amber Cove is actually just the name of the port the ship docks in, and it's very much attached to the DR mainland, I nearly did a cartwheel!

I chose to spend the last stop with my dad and new step mom and sisters. It was the first time I had spent any time with them since the wedding. We were all kind of doing our own thing on the ship. Once we left the ship it was just chaos. The walk felt long in the heat; it's probably the same length as the walk from the ship in Grand Turk. After walking through a gift shop, we were met with various excursion options like ziplining and waterfall adventures. We opted to get a taxi that was supposed to take us on a full tour. Our taxi driver spoke very little English, but we tried our best to use the little Spanish we knew. So a lot of things weren't really explained.

When we first started the tour, there were a lot of empty lots, filled with lush green lands. We passed a lot of businesses and I was surprised to see the price of gas was so high (my calculations may have been wrong but it was about $8 per gallon). Our first stop was the 27 Charcos, one of the waterfalls that can be found in the DR. We thought we would just be going to look at a waterfall, take some pictures and continue the tour. We didn't realise we would have to walk a path to get there. When they started giving us helmets, life jackets and water shoes, we all became increasingly aware of our mortality and wondered what the heck we were getting ourselves into. They said it's a 15 minute hike to the waterfall, once we got there we would jump off and then it would take another 15 minutes to walk back. They strongly advised we carry bottles of water to stay hydrated. At first we weren't going to since it was only a 15 minute walk, but eventually we agreed and trust me, you need to get that water bottle. IT TOOK TWO HOURS!!!!!! We climbed up stairs and steep mountains in dangerously high rainforest temperatures. Then as we approached the top, they told us, we wouldn't be jumping once, but SEVEN times!!!! My camera battery actually died after the first jump.

Here is the video of our trek:

Climbing 27 Charcos on vacation in The Dominican Republic. It takes about 2 hours to do the entire course and you MUST stay hydrated. My camera battery died so I couldn't record all of the jumps.

This is where we actually got annoyed. While the experience was truly amazing and I would recommend it to everyone I know, it was very misleading. Had we known it would've taken 2 hours out of our day, we would've planned better. We could've made it our last stop, or split the group so that half did it, while the other half continued the tour. I felt guilty that the half of the group that didn't do the hike had to sit there the entire time and couldn't leave because they didn't know when we would be coming out. If you're on a cruise with only so many hours at port, this may not be the activity for you if touring is more important.

After that we were so hungry, our priority was to get something to eat before it was time to return to the boat. We were horribly disappointed with the food in Puerto Rico so we were really hoping our luck would change at Polanco. The restaurant has free open WiFi and the staff was very friendly. None of the waitresses spoke English so the manager had to translate for us, but the service was efficient and fast. Even better, our food tasted amazing! The fish just melted in your mouth like a cheesecake! I know that's an odd comparison but I was really impressed. 

After lunch, we really didn't have time for anything. We were approaching 30 minutes to get back onto the ship before the doors would close. We didn't have time to see or do anything else. I barely had time to buy two bags of coffee and a bottle of rum (it's called Brugal Coco-Pineapple infusion rum) 25% alcohol per volume and it tastes absolutely divine! Well maybe divine isn't the right adjective, but you get the picture. If you like fruity drinks, this is the one. It's so smooth, you wouldn't even know it's there so I usually mix it with a dark rum for more a bite. I made a cocktail out of apple juice, plantation rum, the Brugal pineapple rum and peach schnapps and everyone loved it! I practically had to fight the cup back from my best friend, Tiana!

Well that's it for my summer travel adventures! I won't be travelling again until Christmas (maybe). I really hope you guys enjoyed my travel guides. Don't forget to leave a comment in the comment section below to tell me what you thought! If you missed any of them, you can check them out at the end of this post. And if you're planning on travelling soon, don't pack without my new packing checklist. I promise you'll never overpack, under-pack or leave essential items again!


I Went All The Way To St. Thomas to Get Tatted

Hello Lovely,

The third stop on my cruise was St. Thomas. Before going on the cruise, I knew there was only one thing I wanted to do in St. Thomas.  You guys might remember that I went to St. Croix a few years back. I was told that if you've seen St. Croix, you've seen St. Thomas and St. John, but St. Thomas would be nicer. But I didn't see enough of the island to really know. Apparently if you're only taking a taxi to get to a particular stop, and you're not taking the tour, the tour guide won't explain anything until you're off. That was kinda harsh, and while I understand, I can't say that I agree. I got dropped downtown and walked a part of the waterfront to get to the studio: Salt of The Earth. You're probably wondering why I chose to get another tattoo. After my step dad died, I did a lot of soul searching. Around June, I realised that I wanted another tattoo but it had to mean something. I don't see the point in getting inked if it doesn't mean something to you, because this thing is going to be permanent. But before I show you my new ink, I want to share the few photos I was able to take of the island while I was there.

My only regret is that I didn't leave earlier. Had I left the cruise ship earlier I would've been able to see more of the island including a bakery I had arranged to meet with. Eventually I found my way to the arcade (or alley as it's commonly known) where the Salt of The Earth Studio was located. I was blown away by how beautiful it was. I would definitely consider it one of those hidden, off the beat paths. If I had more time, I definitely would've gotten lunch at this gorgeous restaurant.

Salt of the Earth Tattoo is the tattoo and art studio of artist, Kristin Forbes-Mullane. She's super nice and patient and I loved every moment. I wasn't in pain until the shading and even then, Kristen was really friendly and encouraging. Here's how it turned out:

I LOOOOOOVE my new tattoo! It says, "She believed she could, so she did", which is the quote on a bracelet my mum bought me as a graduation present. That quote means so much for me because there's a lot I have accomplished simply because I didn't give up. There have been so many trying moments so I see my tattoo as a reminder of my strength to overcome those negative moments and feelings. I highly recommend her for anyone who likes to collect tattoos from artists around the world. Even if you're not a tattoo person, her artwork is incredible and you should definitely check it out.

Well that's it! I'm almost done with my cruise recap. Have you been enjoying it so far? I can't wait to show you the last stop, which was my personal favourite: The Dominican Republic.


What I Loved (and Didn't Like) About Puerto Rico

Hello Lovely,

Our second stop was Puerto Rico. I was really excited to see Puerto Rico because it's filled with rich history and gorgeous architecture. I was also looking for any way to give back to the country after the devastating hurricanes last year. We landed in San Juan and set off on foot to explore. Just as I like it, no signs were in English so we all had to rely on our high school Spanish to get by (not being sarcastic). I don't know why I was surprised to see how modern the buildings were given that it is a U.S. territory, but there's still a colonial theme in their designs.

We walked up Recinto Sur Calle, where I saw the most gorgeous blue cobblestone street, and almost got knocked down while I stopped to take a picture of it. Then I saw the colourful buildings I had longed to see. When it comes to architecture, my favourite designs are colourful buildings and Gothic cathedrals. We ducked into a little bar and got Sangria in a pouch for $3. I really thought I was going to get to drink it out of the pouch like an adult CapriSun, but apparently that's not how it works.

We walked up a fairly steep hill to get to Castillo San Felipe del Morro. On the way a strong wind blew up my cousin's dress and apparently flashed everyone. While we were all just grateful that she was finally wearing underwear, this didn't earn us a free ride up the hill. The view from the top of the fort is breathtaking! We didn't go inside but we did enjoy a little photo break. I even got to take a photo of my 14 year old cousin, who up until that point, had been my personal photographer.

My cousin thought it was a must for us to walk through La Perla. La Perla is a historical shanty town in the steep hillside between Old San Juan and the sea where the video for the pop hit Despacito was filmed. My cousin mentioned nothing about Despacito. She was excited because it is supposed to be a very dangerous area that they typically warn tourists to stay away, but given that it was her fourth trip, she felt like a veteran. Afterwards I did some research and found that the little houses that make up La Perla are clustered on the other side of the wall, where the sea crashes against the rocks. Its residents have fought tooth and nail to preserve it, and artists like Calle 13, Ismael Rivera and Ruben Blades have dedicated songs to it. With 1,600 inhabitants, it is one of the poorest communities in San Juan. Drug trafficking largely drives its economy, with the government trying in vain to clear it. On Yelp, reviewers comment on the dangers outsiders risk going there. At one point (thanks to my knowledge gained from Narcos) I identified a few "drug houses" and when two men came out to have a smoke on the rock wall, I knew that was our cue to leave because we weren't welcome. But the graffiti my cousin promised was absolutely gorgeous and worth the walk! 

From there we were all really hot and tired, so when we came out by Castillo de San Cristóbal, our first priority was to find a restroom and hail a taxi. Our first stop on the tour was the Bacardi factory. I'll be honest, coming from a country that used to have a Bacardi factory (and actually put Bacardi on the map) there wasn't much that amazed me, but it was still very beautiful. After the tour, you can buy bottles of Bacardi, some flavours are only sold in Puerto Rico. But I'm sorry at $160 a bottle, I can have Bacardi anywhere, because they all taste the same.

After a day of touring it was time to eat. My cousin insisted on us eating at a local favourite called Bebo's. The line was unnecessarily long and slow. I contemplated crossing the road to McDonalds but I had to keep telling myself that I didn't come all the way to Puerto Rico to eat McDonalds.She wanted us to try the national dish: Mofongo. Mofongo is often touted as the best Puerto Rican food. Whether it is or isn’t is debatable with so many tasty options to choose from; however, it’s certainly the most famous. It’s a mashed concoction of fried green plantains with garlic seasoning filled with vegetables, shrimp, chicken, steak, or pork. Think of your favorite mashed potato but oh so much WORSE! I hated it! And sadly it wasn't even the worst thing I ate.  I ordered white rice, mofongo and tostones. Tostones are twice-fried plantain slices. Most commonly known as tostones, they are also known as tachinos or chatinos, Platano frito, bananes pesées, and patacones. I didn't want to trash anything about my trip, but I am not lying when I say there was ABSOLUTELY no seasoning in the food. My dad ate at a different restaurant and he said everyone there hated the food as well. Lastly, my rice was so undercooked, it only could've cooked for about 5 minutes on high. I really wanted an authentic experience, but I'm so sad that I didn't like it.

Have you ever been to San Juan or any other part of Puerto Rico? How did you enjoy your trip? Did my guide prepare you for a trip to Puerto Rico? Or maybe you have questions. I'd love to hear from you in the comment section below!

The Place to Be: Piadina Bar, Amsterdam

Hello Lovely,

If you're ever wandering the streets of Amsterdam looking for a nice place to have a drink or lunch, the Piadina Bar is the place to be. It's a hidden gem on Stadhouderskade. We found it after we tried to go to the Heineken factory. I say we tried to go because the wait was insufferable with an entry fee of roughly $70 for the both of us. My friend and I were only in Amsterdam for one day so that didn't make any sense to us. Hell bent on finding a bar so that we could taste "real Heineken" we stumbled upon the Piadina Bar down the street.

The Piadina Bar is an Italian style cafe with a cozy family feeling. It's name comes from a flatbread, folded and filled with a variety of typical Italian products, such as Prosciutto, Mozzarella di Bufala or Parmigiano Reggiano. Even though it's a pretty busy cafe, it could be a great place for getting some work done. In the back of the cafe is a lovely couch area to get comfortable on. And our waitress was so nice and helpful. She even recommended solutions for me when I didn't like my drink and it worked!

What did I order?

My friend ordered a Heineken but we found out afterwards that he got the lager which was like a pale ale instead of the full draft. It tasted watery and sadly we never did get the draft Heiken. As for me, all around Amsterdam, I saw posters advertising the Aperol Spritz so I couldn't wait to order it. The drink looked amazing and I wanted to take the glass home with me. But the taste...not so much. I hated it! It was SUPER strong and bitter!

Lucky for me, my waitress understood and offered me the best tasting 7 Up I ever had. So I drank some of the Aperol Spritz to make room for the 7 Up, then added it and stirred. It made a HUGE difference! I think if I were to ever get the drink again, I would request 7 Up or Sprtie to be added to the drink while it's being made.

We didn't eat there but the food looked amazing! It was less than $20 for our drinks and we had a great time. Stop by if you're ever in that area!

Olivia's Guide to London

Hello Lovely,

It’s no secret I love to travel. In the past year I’ve been lucky enough to spend time in St. Croix,  Exuma, and now London, Amsterdam and Switzerland. I didn't really get to share my trip to Exuma with you guys other than a few photos on Instagram; so when I was in London, I couldn't wait to write about my experiences. 

Now, if you’re just here for the recipes – no hard feelings. I totally get it! But I wanted to let you know travel posts will be a new thing around here, and I hope you’ll enjoy getting a sneak peak into my adventures.

So without further ado, let’s dive into my guide to London.

My travel companion for this trip was my best friend from college who is also my ex, Doran (yes I'm actually best friends with my ex). I was supposed to go on a European cruise with my last boyfriend but when we broke up, I knew that wouldn't work any more. I didn't want to miss out on my European adventures so I called up Doran while I was in Exuma, asked him if I could stay with him for two weeks and he agreed. So all I had to do was pay for airfare and ground transportation and I bought all of the tickets for us to get to Amsterdam, Switzerland and back to London in advance (I'll share more on that in a separate post).

Oddly enough I was super sick on the flight to London. My acid reflux flared badly (to be honest it had been a problem for two weeks leading up to my trip) so I was in a lot of pain on the plane. I couldn't do anything and I could hardly move. I almost requested an emergency landing for medical attention but I suffered through. Upon landing, I didn't feel any better. And to make matters worse, my friend forgot that I was flying through Gatwick and went to Heathrow instead. So I had to book a coach to take me from Gatwick to Heathrow, which was really easy to do and cost me just under £30.

Once I was settled in, I drank tea for two days, got back on my Nexium and ate better.

Where we ate:

Keat's Cafe: This was my favourite place to eat. It's budget friendly, food is ready in 10 minutes or less and presentation is great! It was just around the block from where I stayed making it super convenient for me to pop in for a latte. I was so impressed by the glass and spoons, I went to Poundland and bought 2 latte glasses and latte spoons for £1 each. Two people can eat here for £15 or less depending on what you order. Just walk in and grab a seat and a waiter will come to you.

Bill's (New Broadway, Ealing): The perfect date night spot, Doran and I ate here on a Friday night before walking up the street to a bar for a night of dancing. Dinner for two can be less than £40. It's very close to the Ealing Broadway Tube Station and it's open pretty late. Our joke of the night was me trying to get through the Diablo Gnocchi without dying. I thought asking for no spicy sausage would eliminate all spices but the sauce itself is spicy. The waiter was also really accomodating when I asked to change my drink because the Pimms Summer Punch ended up having cucumber in it, which I ABSOLUTELY HATE. Even without the cucumber it just had too much going on, so I settled on a nice Rose.

We also ate from a pizza place that offered 4 toppings on a 9" for only £3.99 and a Thai place in Westfield Mall (I also can't remember the name of this place).

Where we Partied

The Lodge Tavern: After dinner we walked up the street to The Lodge Tavern. It's gorgeous on the outside, nearby the tube station and adjacent to a bus stop making getting home after a night of partying very convenient. Oh and free adminsion!The DJ on deck (can't remember his name) was great. We danced to Top 40 mostly and drank Heineken. It was a fun and safe environment.

Where we Shopped:

Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre: I'm not ashamed to admit that I went here twice during my stay! The first time I went straight to Primark and I am in love with that store now! The second time was to exchange a few items at Primark for larger sizes, and pick up a few gifts at the other stores. I love this place and it's never too crowded that you can't enjoy your shopping experience.

Westfield Mall: This place seems to be the mall everyone shops at. It reminds me of Aventura Mall  x3. It's so big! There's luxury high end stores and regular stores for the average person like myself. It was my first time ever walking into a Zara store so I was super excited. But the almost hour long wait just to check out was enough to drive me up the wall. The food court has a lot of great options and there always seems to be something happening here. You've got to check this mall out (just be prepared to spend the whole day here).

Where I Toured

This is the one I enjoyed the most! I booked a Vintage Double Decker for my first full day and saw all of the major sights of London including Big Ben, London Tower, the Tower Bridge, London Bridge and the London Eye. I enjoyed the cruise on the Thames River as I got to see Parliament, MI5 and MI6 and the school that Daniel Radcliffe went to before joining the cast of Harry Potter. My tour guide was awesome but sadly due to all of the excitement, I don't remember half of what he said. I really only remember that you will never see IV on a church clock or clock tower to represent 4. And he was right. Even when we went to Switzerland, they all said IIII. This is because Charles V of France complained about the use of IV on a clock made by Henry de Vick and demanded it be changed to IIII. Ever since then it's been customary to just use IIII instead of IV. And now you know!

Two days later, I went on the most magical experience of my life! I took a tour to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Bath. I found Windsor Castle to be highly overrated and Stonehenge to be a little underwhelming (I have no idea why). But Salisbury took my breath away! I was so angry that my camera battery died at this point and in an effort to curb my spending on trinkets, I left my bag with the backup batteries and my cellphone on the tour bus which was parked over a mile away. It was here that I saw an original copy of the Magna Carter and had a lovely conversation with a female Methodist priest. (Just so you know, like almost every other church in England, the church is Anglican).

The city of Bath was nice as well where I finally tried Costa coffee (it's everywhere in England and totally overrated). Although everything seemed more expensive in Bath, the desserts were at a great price and SOOOOOOOOO DELICIOUS! I had the strawberry and rhubarb and I was so hungry I can't even remember which pastry I got for lunch but I remember being highly satisfied.

It was a very long drive back to the city of London and I actually got on the wrong train coming back home (twice). I actually cried hysterically when I realised I got on the wrong train again so luckily a nice lady on the side of me named Candy helped me to get on the right train because she was headed to the same station. Silly me didn't realise the train desitnation was on a marquee on the front of the train and a marquee at the station let you know when to expect the train. Thank goodness I never made that mistake again. (Who am I kidding? We totally got on the wrong train in Switzerland, but my friend is completely to blame for that and that's another story for another day).

Question: Have you been to London? What were your favourite spots? I was there for nearly 2 weeks and in hindsight I know there’s so much more we could have seen (and eaten) if I weren't so sick and afraid of getting lost. Do you have any recommendations for where I should vacation next? Share in the comment section below and don't forget to subscribe for the newsletter!