Hello Lovely,

On December 30, 2017, my baby cousin Montana was wedded. The wedding took place in Freeport at the Grand Bahama Yacht Club. The dock provided the perfect backdrop for the ceremony. The nautical theme was consistent throughout the decor, down to the anchor that provided the perfect ampersand under the arch to symbolise the joining of two individuals.

DSC_0403 (2).jpg

It's weird to see Montana get married so young and the first time I met Jess was for the wedding but I couldn't have approved any more of him if I tried. The magnetising chemistry between the couple really showed throughout the ceremony. They seriously couldn’t be any cuter together. It was a photographer’s dream to work with such  individuals who were so passionate about one another that it also inspired me with my own emotional journey.

I witnessed a grown woman who had blossomed and become so compassionate. Her laughter is contagious and Jess really brings out the best in her. He provides the perfect yang to her yin. 

I was so peeved that I didn't get a good shot of the first kiss and with all of the excitement we ran out of time so I couldn't do half of the poses I had envisioned for them. Good thing I wasn't the official photographer. I'm still grateful for everything I was able to capture and I cannot wait to go back to Freeport to shoot more photos of them!

From The Wedding Stylist"Your wedding day will be filled with moments you hope to be captured as if they were a painting. This inspirational piece was inspired by just that, the slowness and meaningful moments that take place throughout your wedding day and in particular the intimacy between yourself and your future family.”