It all started when...

December 2011, I was a college graduate who was accepted into two Master’s programmes but had no way of paying for either schools and I had been dumped by the love of my life. Afraid to return home a failure, I moved to Tampa for six months for a breather, while I looked for work and a way to pay for school. During this time, I found a new appreciation for all things creative. I got in the kitchen and fashioned new clothes out of thrifted items whenever I could. When I moved back home, I saw the need to improve my photography skills and sought events and areas to practice.

 In the midst of all of that, I started Life By Olivia (formerly See Her Handmade) in January of 2012. At first it was just something that I did while I looked for work; a way to mark my own personal progress. Around July of 2015, when I realised that people were actually inspired by my outfits and recipes, I decided to treat the blog more seriously, posting on average 3 times per week, and expanding my photography and pantry tools.  I have since graduated with my Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and now I'm on a mission to travel the globe. I now post something every day Monday - Friday and I've recently been nominated for Blog of the Year by Elevation Awards.

I’ve created so much different types of content since then; from photo shoots to printables to DIY beauty treatments, we’ve had a blast! Together we laugh, eat, cry (eat while crying), drink lots of coffee and always look fabulous doing it! Let Life By Olivia be your VIP Pass to the latest beauty and fashion trends with quick and easy recipes that shine and satisfy. Because life could use a personal touch.

- Olivia

Work With Me

If you want to work with Life By Olivia and our brands share similar outlooks, there are several ways we can work together. I thrive on creative thinking and would love to discuss any fresh, forward-thinking ideas you have for partnership!

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Recipe Development

Creative new recipes with quality products on a budget are my passion. I like recipes that are family friendly and even adults only (party time!) I am foodie so don't be afraid to bring it! All recipe contributions are welcome (but must be accompanied by original pictures and text). If you are looking for a guest food blogger, I'm your girl! Hit me up below and we can discuss it over a meal!

Food Styling and Photography

I’m available to style and shoot food-related and non-food-related photos according to your specifications, and to provide food styling consultation. If you’re interested in using one of the photos that is on my website, I’m happy to discuss that as well.


Product/Event Reviews and Giveaways

I love highlighting products and events that I think my readers would enjoy and I will give my honest opinion of your product in a comprehensive review. If you have a product or event that you think would be a good fit for Life By Olivia, I'd be happy to hear from you (and so will my readers)!

Book Reviews

We currently have an availability for a new book reviewer. Here at Life By Olivia, we have a growing Book Club and we love to discuss each book in depth. 

Editorial Content Development

I enjoy writing articles on topics related to food, travel, DIY projects, and healthy lifestyles. I am available to write original pieces for your blog, website, newsletter, newspaper, magazine, etc. and I will host guest bloggers who are looking to network.


Advertising Space

Different sized ads are available to advertise your content. Please contact me for rates and availability.

Beauty Blogging

We currently have an availability for a new beauty blogger. So if you love everything makeup, DIY beauty, hair care and other beauty tips and tricks, we would love to host you! Vloggers are also welcome!

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